SPARX is a youth development program in all eleven of Tacoma's middle schools which is coordinated by Metro Parks Tacoma with funding support from the City of Tacoma and facility support from Tacoma Public Schools.

SPARX includes:

  • School day support and mentoring
  • Lunch time recreation
  • After school mentoring, tutoring and enrichment programs.
  • Field trips on school holidays and in-service days

With SPARX, middle schoolers are getting the added spark they need to get connected, stay in school, and achieve, and best of all, it's FREE!

Sparx is mostly a recreational program. Therefore, it is expected that Meeker Scholars maintan proper academic and behavioral standards prior to participating in the SPARX program. Students who are failing, in jeopardy of failing, or who have been disciplined during the day for inappropriate behaviors are ineligible to attend SPARX until the issue is rectified. Please encourage your students to keep up on their school work and behaviors so they can benefit from the many wonderful activities SPARX offers.

SPARX is sponsored through Tacoma Metropolitan Parks District. It is an outside agency utilizing our facilities. The SPARX workers are dedicated to providing your students with enrichment activities. However, they are not responsible for keeping your students in the program after school, nor are they expected to put up with insubordination.

Each student who participates in SPARX must have a parent permission slip completed, signed, and turned in by the parent/guardian. The permission slip and contract outlines the rules and guidelines of the SPARX program. Parents and students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and expectations of the SPARX program, and all questions regarding the SPARX program should be forwarded to the SPARX program office  (253) 305-1022  

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