Students can use their school laptops on iReady skill work this summer

This summer, students can use an online program called iReady to keep their skills engaged. Summer iReady is an extension of the iReady program that students use during the school year.

Summer iReady provides students with access to interactive lessons and activities in subjects like math and reading. Just like during the school year, summer iReady offers personalized instruction to students. Based on their performance on initial assessments, students receive lessons and practice activities that target their specific areas of weakness and help reinforce their strengths.

Summer iReady allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility enables students to continue their learning while still enjoying their summer break.

Students can access iReady through Clever, which is found in the "TPS Favorites" folder in their internet browser.

Families can help by monitoring their child's progress and encouraging consistent participation.

By maintaining their skills over the summer, students can start the new school year with confidence.

What to do with your child’s laptop over the summer
All students have the option to keep their school-issued laptop at home over the summer. (Families of kindergarten students who want to have their laptop over the summer need to fill out Student Laptop Checkout form with their school.)

Families of students in kindergarten through second grade can store their child’s school laptop at their school over the summer. Please contact your school if you’d like to store your child’s laptop at school. However, if your child is changing schools within TPS, they will need to keep their laptop over the summer and take it with them to their new school (for example, fifth-graders moving to middle school, or eighth graders moving to high school).

Need help with your child’s laptop this summer?
If you need help with your laptop over the summer, there are three ways to reach us:

1)Log into SolarWinds by clicking the blue, question-mark icon on your desktop. From here you can:

  • Submit a request for help
  • Review the status of your current or previous requests 
  • Chat live with a technician during normal district hours


3) Call 253-571-HELP, (253) 571-4357