New Zealand Exchange Program

The program

  1. Hosting an exchange student from New Zealand in September and/or
  2. Be an Ambassador chosen to travel to New Zealand in February with teacher leaders and parent chaperones.

A Brief History

The Meeker New Zealand Exchange Program has been in existence since 1989. It all started when a Meeker Middle School teacher, Dick Turnbull, decided to try to connect his students to those in another country via email. He found a willing partner in John Withell in Invercargill, New Zealand. While the exchange started with just emails, it wasn't long before representatives were traveling from one country to the other.

In any given year, about sixteen American and sixteen New Zealand students take part in the exchange. There are well over 500 students and adults who have made the journey in one direction or the other.

New Zealand and American flags side by side with group of students surrounding them.