2022-2023 School Supply Lists

We will provide students with a TPS laptop, charger, and headphones if they do not already have them. Please label all supplies with your student's name.

Supplies All Grades Need

  • 3 - ring binder (1)
  • Pencil pouch (with 3 holes to keep in binder) (1)
  • Spiral notebooks – (5)
  • White, college-ruled notebook paper (loose-leaf, 3-hole punched)
  • Pens (2 or more)
  • Pencils (2 or more)
  • Large pink eraser (2 or more)
  • Highlighters (2 or more)
  • Pencil Sharpener (with dome to catch shavings) (1)
  • Colored pencils (1 package of 12)
  • 12” ruler with inches & centimeters (1)
  • 3 prong, 2 pocket folder for Language Arts (1)

Additional Sixth Grade Supplies

  • 3 prong 2 pocket folder (PE) (1)

Additional Seventh Grade Supplies

  • Compass
  • Calculator (TI-84 suggested, but not required)
  • Ruler
  • If taking Spanish: 1 package of 3x5 index cards, 2-4 dry erase markers

Additional Eighth Grade Supplies

  • Calculator (graphing calculator—TI-84 suggested, but not required)
  • Protractor (if taking Geometry)
  • Locking compass (if taking Geometry)
  • Ruler
  • If taking Spanish: 1 package of 3x5 index cards, 2-4 dry erase markers
  • If taking a music class: “music staff paper” (can be printed online)

Need Help With School Supplies?

Tacoma Public Schools and our community partners have free school supplies and resources available for students. Please reach out to the office or your student’s teacher for assistance.

Free Supplies From Our Community Partners

Greentike Back to School Festival: Wednesday, Aug. 31 from  11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Tollefoson Square. Free backpacks and school supplies, booths, activities, a DJ, and food trucks.