New student information system will bring efficiency and new tools for families, but online enrollment to close during rollover
Graphic for Synergy

For Tacoma Public Schools, our student information system (SIS) is a critical piece of infrastructure. The SIS is where individual student information is stored including contact information, demographics, grades, attendance, assessment data, report cards, health information and more. Additionally, the SIS hosts enrollment forms and automates the process, it is also where schools enter student schedules and transcripts. Ensuring our SIS can meet these complex needs and adapt for the future is an important aspect of supporting student success.

New student information system launching in July

Last year, the District released a request for proposals (RFP) for a student information system. The contract for the current system was expiring and by conducting an RFP the district received proposals from multiple vendors and selected the platform that best met the district’s needs, Synergy by Edupoint. Synergy will help streamline multiple systems, bring greater efficiency for reporting and data collection, and provide portals for teachers, families, and students.

Trainings are taking place now with staff, and in July the district will switch to Synergy. Replacing the current SIS requires a high-level of collaboration and coordination between various District divisions, including Teaching and Learning, K-12 Support and Technology Services. More than 2,000 staff play an active role in the SIS, completing various tasks like inputting student information and monitoring data.

Online enrollment for new students will be closed June 23-July 24

With the rollover into the new SIS, online enrollment will be temporarily closed June 23 to July 24. Families enrolling new students are encouraged to complete their enrollment prior to June 23. During the closure, families can sign up to be notified when enrollment is available in the new system starting July 24.

New portals for families, teachers and students will launch in August

Synergy has three portals designed to help teachers, families and students access and input information. Prior to the new school year each family will be asked to create a ParentVUE account to ensure they have access to information about their student.

  • ParentVUE is a portal where families will view their student’s attendance, grades, schedule, documents, and report an absence. This tool will help to streamline the number of applications families need.
  • StudentVUE portal will enable students to view their schedules, grades and attendance.
  • TeacherVUE portal is where teachers can take attendance, enter grades, enter referrals, and find student information.