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Choice enrollment opens October 30, 2023

Students have the option to attend their neighborhood school or apply to attend another TPS school through our Choice Enrollment process.

The Choice application closes for grades 1-12 on Feb. 2, 2024

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The Meeker Middle School Community collaborates to empower all to care for themselves and others, be passionate and inquisitive learners, and have the skills necessary to thrive now and in the future.

At Meeker Middle School, we value building positive relationships with students, families, community members and staff. We collaborate to ensure every student is seen, heard, known, cared for and celebrated. We focus on supporting the whole child and celebrate the diversity within our community. We believe in serving all our students using culturally responsive, trauma-informed and restorative practices, to ensure that every voice is engaged, heard, honored, and empowered. 

We value learning and growing together through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), employing data analysis, personal reflection, and collective efficacy to continuously improve teaching practice and deliver results so ALL students achieve. We also value student voices and actively engage students by providing choices for learning and opportunities for goal setting, self-reflection, and celebrations. 

Programs & Activities

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Thanks to community partnerships, middle school students have access to more opportunities and activities than ever before.

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AVID provides students with the necessary organizational and academic skills, support, and systems to be successful in school and beyond.